We aren’t like other senior referral services:  

First, Elder Living Alternatives is locally owned and operated.


Second, we are "boots on the ground" every time.  That means we visit every facility or group home before we present the option to you. Additionally, we don't restrict our research to just a handful of tried and true options.


Lastly, our recommendations are unbiased and not based on advertising fees, directory listings, or "pay to play" editorials.  In other words, Elder Living Alternatives is not contractually obligated to anyone, nor are we aligned with a nonprofit. Consequently, we can serve you with only your interests in mind and do not have a sales quota to manage or a burdensome workload like website referral services.


We are sensitive to your budget:

Elder Living Alternatives works for you.  We research and visit multiple properties and recommend only the ones that meet the financial budget of you and/or your loved one.

Elder Living Alternatives


Whether you have an immediate need for senior housing or simply browsing, Elder Living Alternatives offers two options

  1. Zero cost to the families and loved one, or
  2. Portfolio-only fee for those families who are being proactive and strictly looking for elder information and alternatives at this stage.

Getting it right the first time:

There is so much to consider when locating senior alternatives for your loved one.  Moving more than once is stressful and expensive. Another level of complexity is if you are trying to do this remotely. Elder Living Alternatives helps you and your loved one make the right decision the first time.


Start today:  There's never a charge for our services.