My Story     


I saw what my mother and father went through trying to place my out-of-town grandmother in an assisted living facility.  Although my 94-year-old grandmother lived alone in her own home and was physically healthy, she had become forgetful about food and medicine and was dependent on the kindness of neighbors for rides to her church, doctor, or store.


The extended family could not agree on the best course of action and many times I heard my aunts and uncles lament “if only there was someone who could provide the voice of reason in this situation”.


Fast forward six years and I started to research senior living alternatives for my own aging parents in the Phoenix area.  My busy siblings don’t live in Arizona and they are conducting the same type of tasks for their in-laws who reside near them.  


I thought my 20 years of corporate success would help in my quest.  Sadly, I was mistaken.  I quickly became overwhelmed with the options and developed an acute distrust of any website that operated on a paid advertisement model.  Additionally, I am a big proponent of buying local so I bypassed the franchise route and developed Arizona's hometown senior housing referral service.


The sole purpose of Elder Living Alternatives is to help elders thrive -- emotionally, physically, and socially.  We do this by providing unbiased living alternatives.  At Elder Living Alternatives we ask questions, physically visit, and research all options -- whether it is senior apartments, aging in place, home care, independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, or memory care.   Additionally, we have partnered with many complementary services.  If you need a referral for home care, home health, mobile doctors, or hospice -- we can recommend the best. 


I am passionate about gerontology and making a difference in eldercare.  I am a licensed Senior Real Estate Specialist, Certified Senior Advisor, Certified Living in Place Professional, and Certified Readmission Prevention Professional.   I am a member of the Professional Association of Senior Referral Specialists (PASRS),  AZ Fall Prevention Coalition, GPGLCC, Local First Arizona, BNI, Maricopa Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance (MEAPA), and Services and Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE).   


In November 2016,  I assumed the position of Executive Director at the Arizona Caregivers Coalition. What an honor to represent a nonprofit that offers so much to individuals and families who are caring for a loved one that is either aging, a child or an adult dealing with a chronic condition or living with a disability.  Arizona Caregivers Coalition offers support and help finding access to information, assistance, answers, new ideas and helpful options.


You don’t have to go through this challenging process on your own. Elder Living Alternatives offers a complimentary service that helps relieve stress and provide direction to seniors and families.


Feel free to call or text me any time -- 480-309-3933.  


With gracious intent, Cindy Findley