Partnership Aids in Stemming Cognitive Decline


Strategic Memory for Alzheimer’s Rehabilitation Training (SMART): Fruitful Partnership with Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF)

Dr. John DenBoer
Founder and Chief Medical Officer, SMART Aging, Inc.



If you are currently involved in the aging community, or know somebody in the latter stages of their life, you have probably hear the term “use it or lose it.”  This is generally taken to mean that you have to keep your brain active in the latter stages of your life in an effort to avoid problems with thinking, or dementia.


But how exactly do we do this?


Unfortunately, many seniors have been advised that by simply keeping their mind active they keep their brain sharp enough to avoid dementia.  This is incorrect.


It is not enough to simply keep one’s mind active: older individuals must keep their brain active by engaging in new and novel exercises.  Essentially, these are cognitive activities that one has never been seen before, or has rarely encountered. The SMART Program has had a great deal of positive results, and has been effective in stemming the cognitive and functional decline associated with dementia.


SMART is a cognitive rehabilitation program designed to improve brain function in elderly individuals who may have dementia


  • 16-8-week program, 3 versions
  • 3 hours of patient activity per week
  • highly structured program
  • Customized via the results of neuropsychological testing
  • Designed to increase neural connections via:
    • new (novel) learning exercises
    • structured program
  • Adherence and compliance of the program is increased via the use of a caregiver


ARPF has graciously partnered with Dr. DenBoer and SMART Aging, Inc., to offer the SMART program to offer 200 individuals across 6 Assisted Living/Independent Living facilities in the /East Valley area (ranging from Fountain Hills to Mesa).


The results of this partnership has been extremely positive, as the combination of the SMART program and Kirtan Kirya method have allowed participants (many of which who have early stage dementia) to improve their cognition while they are on the program combination.


In addition to the above study, ARPF has partnered with SMART Aging, Inc., to offer the SMART Program and Kirtan Kriya meditation methodology to over 150 residents at Phoenix’s Church of the Beatitudes Campus.  Church of the Beatitudes is a nationally-recognized living center for the care of dementia, being featured in the NY Times approximately 4 years ago.  Dr. DenBoer is looking forward to bringing the SMART program and Kirtan Kirya method to this nationally recognized center.


For more information about the program please visit:  SMART Brain Aging

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