Tub Conversions Reduce Fall Risk


For many seniors, staying at home is the most economical and desirable living arrangement. But without proper preparation, home can also be surprisingly dangerous. 6 out of every 10 falls happens at home!  To read more visit AARP’s “Safety Starts at Home” post. 


According to SeniorAdvisor.com, the good news is that many home injuries are preventable. The bathroom is a great place to start. With hard, slick surfaces that frequently get wet and slippery, bathrooms can be danger zones. A little work, however, goes a long way toward creating a safe, comfortable environment.


There are many benefits of converting a bathtub to a walk-in shower. The main reason for a bathtub conversion is cost. It is relatively inexpensive to convert a bathtub to a shower, compared to the expense of tearing out an old bathtub and installing a new shower pan and walls.


Most individuals who would benefit from a bathtub to shower conversion are seniors on a fixed income, individuals who have recently had a stroke, knee or hip surgery, and those who have a physical condition limiting their access to a bathtub.


The bathtub to shower conversion can be completed in one day, compared to the major demolition to install a shower pan and walls which can take days if not weeks. Fiberglass, porcelain/steel, culture marble and most plastic tubs are suitable candidates for conversion. Garden tubs can only be cut in the middle section, whereas straight walled tubs can usually be cut at either end or the middle. There will always be the exception where the opening may be limited in size and placement.  Not all tubs are the same size and shape.


The bathtub conversion consists of first, determining an adequate place to cut out a section of the bathtub’s exterior side. After determining the width and height of the opening, cutting begins.  The bathtub is cut open and the bottom and sides of the opening are filled in with high density foam. Bottom and side panels are custom cut from a durable material to fit the opening and installed using an adhesive.  Edges are rounded off and caulked to ensure no sharp edges are present.


As an added benefit, non-skid flooring and grab bars can be installed for extra safety.  Grab bars should be placed in an ideal location and angled to best suit the user. 18” – 24” grab bars are the industry standard but longer grab bars may be used for special situations. Grab bars generally cost $125 for the first grab bar and $65 for additional grab bar.


Tub conversions start at $450 for the standard 24” x 9” opening.  All bathtub to shower conversions come with a limited warranty.


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