Three Reasons Why You Need a Medical Social Worker on Your Team

msw with couple

Just like hiring an attorney or CPA to advocate for you, an independent licensed medical social worker (LMSW) who specializes in seniors will represent you and your loved one’s best interests.


The medical team watches as a patient goes from home to the hospital, the hospital to rehabilitation, the rehab to home with home health.  Other patients can no longer manage their day-to-day care needs in their current 55+ apartment and need to consider where they would like to live out their remaining years, assisted living or with family and in-home care.


#1 Too many options, not enough guidance


The healthcare industry comes with numerous options and even more restrictions, many of which are often unclear to patients and their family members.  An independent LMSW helps guide them through the process and advocate for them to have the best transition possible.


#2 Education makes decision-making easier


The greatest puzzle piece missing for most is education; without clear understanding of the levels of care available, the costs associated with care, and the amount of independence and assistance available with different services, both patients and families report feeling overwhelmed and confused when approaching an impending transition in level of care.


#3 Coordination


There is a high level of coordination required to ensure a patient receives the necessary services. The senior and families often do not know where to begin and may not be motivated to move forward in the process.  A LMSW who specializes in senior transitions serves as an advocate, consultant, and educator to move families forward in the transition process and achieve their goals.



Elder Living Alternatives is partnering with Ashley Knobel, LMSW, from Carebridge Consulting.  Ashley provides support as seniors make transitions along the healthcare continuum.  For a complimentary consultation, please call Ashley at 602-617-3026.



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