Five Common Mistakes Families Make When Considering Senior Housing

With a little planning and help from Elder Living Alternatives, you can avoid these mistakes:


  1. Making an important decision without local (boots on the ground) representation

Families become so overwhelmed with the choices they need to make — they don’t make any decision at all or they rush to the first availability they find.  Here’s where the importance of a local elder living expert comes in …

  • Be proactive and find professional representation before a crisis occurs
  • Give yourself a few weeks to consider alternatives or tour the communities your local expert researched, previewed, and presented
  • Utilize help from professional contacts your elder living expert furnished
  1. Not being realistic about current or future needs

It’s important to balance optimism with a dose of realism. Be realistic about you or your loved one’s current care needs as well as their anticipated needs. Ideally, you will choose an alternative that is equipped to provide care now and in the future, as loved ones age.


  1. Judging a book by its cover

Quality of care is not something you can discern just by driving past a community to see how attractive the building is, or by poking your head in the lobby to gauge the ambiance and whether or not it smells like roses.


  1. Choosing a community to match your tastes instead of your parents’

It is often the case that we are attracted to items based on our preferences and not the recepient’s.  Dad may be more interested in playing cards than he is in the gym.  Mom may not be interested in the craft club because her hands hurt now.


  1. Not reading the fine print

Elder housing contracts are relatively straightforward, at least compared to other legal documents, but they contain confusing legalese, or involve additional fees that aren’t completely apparent.  Some families are caught unprepared by fees or annual rent increases that they would have been aware of had they reviewed their contract or consulted with a local elder living expert.


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