Elder Living Alternatives

Watching your loved ones grow old can result in a whole range of emotions . . . sadness, resentment, frustration, anger, even fear.

People are living longer than they ever have done before, which is a wonderful thing. But living longer means experiencing health problems both physical and mental, and sometimes losing the ability to cope with everyday tasks.

If your aging loved ones are at the point where they need senior housing, you are undoubtedly under a huge amount of stress:

⦁ You know your loved one is upset at the thought of moving
⦁ You’re feeling worn out and even guilty
⦁ You want to do the right thing but you’re not even sure what that is


Don’t feel pressured into making a sudden drastic decision, such as moving your loved one into your own home -- unless you are set up for aging in place. It’s important to be realistic, and to consider how this might affect your partner or children. Caregiving is an enormous responsibility, and it’s certainly not for everyone.  What’s best for you, your family and your peace of mind must be a serious consideration. But there’s so much to think about. If you are:

⦁ Wondering where to start
⦁ A busy professional with no time to spare
⦁ Not living in the same vicinity as your parent
⦁ Disagreeing with your siblings about the best course of action
⦁ Uncomfortable asking difficult questions
⦁ A primary caregiver who doesn’t have the time or energy to visit properties and document your research
⦁ Confused or unknowledgeable about senior living options
⦁ Unhappy with the idea of your loved one visiting properties without representation
⦁ A senior who doesn’t want to be bothered by property managers or phone solicitors after a property visit or online info card has been submitted


You don’t need to go through this challenging process on your own!   

Elder Living Alternatives will help you make the best possible decision.  Let's get started today.